Gudrun Herold


Events und Workshops mit Gudrun

28. - 31.05.2021 Roma Tribal Meeting

Gudrun ist in diesem Jahr zum 9. Mal  als Dozentin und Performerin dabei!

02.06./ 24.07.2021

Indian Inspirations – an Intercultural Approach

with Lamia Barabara

I am so excited to present a lecture and a dance class with Lamia Barbara, looking at Indian Inspirations in Fusion Dance from an intercultural perspective.

They have been created for anyone interested in the subject, with an emphasis on FCBD® Style dancers, who would like to learn about source cultures of our dance style.

After decuction of the costs (the teacher fee, taxes and software costs), the remaining amount will be donated to Survival International.

The teaching languange will be English, we are working to have a simultaneous translation into German available, fingers crossed!

The lecture and dance class can be booked seperately, or as a bundle.The lecture is included in the class series „FCBD® Style and Indian Inspirations“, if you have already signed up for it, you don’t need to book a spot!

02.06.2021, 7 - 9 pm CEST: Lecture

*Dance in India: intercultural approach to a millenary tradition*

Through an intercultural perspective Lamia will share an introduction to the world of Indian theatre-dance (and specifically Bharatanatyam), from its origins to the modern practice. Bharatanatyam is a millenary dance-theatre, one of the jewels of Indian culture that has its origins in Samkhya and Tantra philosophy and rituals from temples of South India. Its key reading is dance, which includes all other arts: theatre, music, poetry, singing and rhythm

24.07.2021, 10 – 12 am CEST: Dance class

*Indian dance technique and nuances for FCBD® Style dancers*

In this workshop you’ll learn the basic technique of Indian classical dance “Bharatanatyam” through basic feet patterns (adavu), body geometry, hand gestures (mudra), rhythmic musical theory (nattuvangam) and subtle body expression (abhinaya). Find a new way to practice your FCBD Style movements inspired to Indian dance, starting from the Puja - a choreographed dance salutation in which every movement has a specific meaning.


lecture: 30€, dance class: 30€, lecture + dance class: 55€

About Lamia:

Lamia Barbara is a yogini, dancer and teacher based in Italy. 

She studied Indian Classical Dance under the guidance of great masters of this art form, and graduated in Bharatanatyam (South-Indian theater dance) at the Conservatory of Vicenza. She’s currently completing her Master Degree specialising in South-Asian theater dance at the University of Bologna. 

Her research focuses on the connections between the choreutic expression of traditional art forms, mythology, ritual practices and Goddess religions.